Hi There:

Welcome to High Social Status.

If you’re lost, struggling or just don’t know where to go from here, know that I do care. I care about you. I care about you because I’ve been in your position, exactly as you are, right now. Drops of tears drying up on my hands, not knowing where to go from here.

She doesn’t care about me. No one cares. What’s the point? – these are just some of the thoughts popping into my mind when I started writing this page.

During my time of transition, I had mentors, friends, but no one there to hold me through the trials. Some of us are lucky, we have friends or a person to guide us on the journey. Other times, we must find our own way. Through the use of the Internet and this site, I hope that I can be that guide for you.

The 3 words “high social status” implies that in order to be happy or “successful”, we need to be up in the social ladder. This is untrue. The very paradox is that the more you realize how to navigate socially in the system, the more you realize how fickle it all really is. Thus I hope that this site becomes a map for you – on how to navigate socially to achieve your dreams, but also to realize that your real dreams and true peace are not achieved through material means.

In a weird way of holding and embracing both truths of the opposite spectrum,  I plan to show you how to achieve social success without becoming attached to it too much, or the outcome of any one material thing.

As you garner information from this site, think of me, “Giovanni” as your guide and signpost. You already know the truth. I’m just reminding you, from time to time, that’s it is already there.


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Thank you for visiting and I hope we can meet in person some day. Know that, now that you have “met” me through my words and my videos, that I am always with you in spirit, and we will always be connected.

-Giovanni Wan