Radiant, inside and out,

Brilliant, intelligent, doesn’t live life in doubt.

Familiar with the dark side, but doesn’t live there,

Relates to other people, and really cares.

Calm, collected, wise and feminine,

Smart in all the ways that matter, when it matters, strong an masculine.

Serene, full of energy, controlled and excited at the same time,

Audrey Hepburn. Claudia Schiffer. Yes she’s quite the dime.

Classy, sexy, mysterious, lovely,

Loves me, supports me, excites me, trusts me.

Devoid of arrogance, questions the world,

Has her own volition, doesn’t just do what she’s told.

Ideally 27 and above, knows a bit about the world,

Aging gracefully, beautiful without fitting in a particular mold.

Aware of life and death, adjusts to life’s tides,

She moves about this world in a graceful stride.

Long straight hair, with piercing eyes to match,

a shapely figure, at 5’7+ she’s quite the catch.

Sexually adventurous, loyal, and always up for more,

Follows my lead, flirts, but only me she truly adores.

At least a B cup, and maybe more,

with long legs to match, and fashion galore.

She can easily change up and be down to earth,

because she knows what really matters death always waits us after birth.

Not too much drama, her baggage is light,

for she has practiced her insights, her heart is not tight.

She’s close to her family and makes easy friends

with girls and guys alike, she’s someone people recommend.

She touches a lot, and shows great affection,

she speaks her mind and doesn’t need direction.

She’s authentic, fun and knows how to fully express herself,

and trusts me enough to fully show her real self.

She sees me for who I really am, beneath this external form,

and connects with me at a higher level, at the source of where we are all from.